After surfing finished in Huntington, we bombed up to Topanga Canyon to check out some abandoned houses.


It almost felt artificial, it was that destroyed and torn up that it felt almost like a movie set crack den or something. There’s a bit of history to this place – it was abandoned by its elderly owners in the 1970s and was just left to decay. Over the years it looks like it’s had a number of residents using it for a few purposes.


The caution tape is the cherry on the cake.

So, house number two that we went and explored apparently used to belong to a band named Canned Heat, which was again left to rot over time. However, it made way for some stunning graffiti.

And it’s not historic – people still seem to come by to add to the walls.

It’s hard to really imagine what this place looked like in its heyday, but it remains inspiring. It’s rumoured that Jim Morrison wrote Roadhouse Blues about this place. You can see why.