I’m glad Sunday is over. Intense does not accurately sum up what we endured at 14,000ft.

I think the bikes stole the show; they were fortunate enough to run with clear blue skies. The clouds rolled in quickly.

It made for some spectacularly moody images.

And the resulting weather hampered running considerably. Romain Dumas unfortunately fell in a bad spot of weather, hampering his run.

Less so than  Jean-Phillipe Dayraut, in the Dacia Duster. He met his fate in the Boulder Park.

Rhys Millen had a safer run, and made it to the top slightly faster than Dumas. He took his first win, after many years of trying.

I’ll be back next year. I feel like the mountain has much more to give than it shown me on Sunday. Hopefully next year, the race to the clouds will be to fluffy white clouds, not a lightning storm.