So, I went to the Pirelli International Rally yesterday. Blown away by the crazy Scandinavian talent!

I wish rallying still featured as many 4WD monsters. Though these DS3’s sounded incredible.

I really didn’t expect a huge, rock lined quarry in the middle of SS3. Or the drivers to be so balls out and barely missing massive boulders at the side of the road. Incredible.

There were a few AWD cars too. You can tell when an Evo is coming because it pops whenever the driver feathers the throttle.

This guy. Kieth Cronin, the eventual winner of the rally. Insane! Even the AWD cars weren’t jumping on this kink over a sharp crest, his pace was incredible.

The kink was an awesome, but scary place to be standing. Every driver cut it tighter, going on to the bark and frankly, massive rocks. More than once there was a dangerously big stone kicked in my direction.

Historics! There were a ton of Porsches on show. I’ve never seen a 911 on a rally stage before, quite an impressive sight. The historics mainly consisted of these an the Mark I and II Escorts. As usual in British rallying, those things are everywhere.

I was excited to see the iconic Martini livery out on show, but then I noticed it was slightly modified. Grr.

Right, I think that’s about it for the Pirelli. Good event, I have to say.


I have something rally-related in the works that could be absolutely amazing in May. Something tenuously related to that image above. Watch this space!