We all need it.
I’m incredibly bored at the moment. It’s the summer holidays now, and I’m basically free for 11 weeks, apart from select weekends when I’m shooting drifty stuff. I’m trying to find plans and/or jobs, but nothing’s coming about.
Soo…spending my days on the unreliable laptop (Lydden Hill pictures still not finished :| ) I inevitably come across photos and photographers whose work I love. Recently, it’s been someone called Bernie Dechant. He mainly shoots cities and people. And he is AMAZING at what he does. As a result, I want to head out and shoot some guess what? Cities and people. BUT – I live in Cumbria. Our one city kinda sucks, and the people in the town I live sure won’t appreciate some kid with a camera. I dislike this, but I shall persevere, and hopefully end up with some nice shots that have stories behind them, and not just cars cars cars.

It’s fun to branch out.