So the weekend just gone I went down to Donington Park to shoot the 4th Round of the BDC for It felt very odd to head back to the track where I got my first big break in photography, after heading down to watch the Prodrift Super Series last year, I managed to find myself on track shooting, alongside Daniel Bridle and Stephen Brooks. It was quite an experience, as I’d only hit up two events previously and still only had a very vague idea of what all the numbers meant on my D40’s screen. Pics, then/now and little anecdotes after the jump.

So what was basically a year on I ended up back on the Launch Pad shooting with far more experience, and boy this past 365 days has made a huge difference.

~Danny Eyles at Prodrift last year, still refining that aggresive style. Shot at 1/125. For a panning shot. Oh dear.

~Japspeed team mate Paul Smith putting down a  blistering run to land him 3rd place in qualifying. Such a dramatic difference in my style of shots now, as well as processing. So glad I moved away from the heavy contrast and upped colour lomographer feel. Shot at 1/15. Baller.

Right, a little shorter than I intended bu I need start my write up for OMGDrift. Peace!