I was reprocessing some shot the other day (as I do when I’m bored, or trying things out before an event. BTW, very few actually see the light of day) and I realised how simple it is to completely change the tone of the image in post production. By tone I mean the entire feel, not just the obvious aesthetics.
Now, obviously I came into photography as digital was well and truly the king. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever came across a film SLR in any situation…but got me thinking about buying myself an old film SLR. So I poked around my usual channels and I stumbled upon some superb shots by Beeoneoneoh. He’s had a similar thought to me, although his is a bit more interesting and profound.

So when I can I may pick up a old film camera. Watch that space, for photographic madness is bound to ensue. I hope.