This weekend I’m off to Lydden Hill to cover the BDC for So, I’ve been scouring youtube for videos, seeing as I’ve never been before. The section looks INSANE, hella fast entry into the first corner, and then elevation changes and a dope hairpin to wall rub. More ramble and a vid after the jump!

I seriously can’t want for this! Also, should be some big names there, word is the one and only Luke Fink’ll be there trying to get some monies to keep his Euro crusade afloat, and of course the usual BDC guys will be killing it all day. Hopefully Steve ‘Baggsy’ Biagioni will be out on track for a prolonged period of time, and of course Phil Morrison of DriftWorks will be out there showing everyone whats up :P. Also, the Semi-Pro class is back with the Pro guys after the Silverstone/Llandow Round 2 split, so it should be good to see if anybody has came on since I saw them back in April. Matt House was looking strong in his FD, let’s see if he still has the advantage come Saturday. I’ll leave you with a vid from last year. Peace! Coverage should be up on Monday or Tuesday on here and!