Last year I went to Java with my Dad. It was awesome.
Java’s a pretty diverse place, as far as small Indonesian islands go. It houses the capital of the country, Jakarta, as well as having vast areas which are uninhabited. There are temples, volcanoes and everything which you’d expect to be in a Tomb Raider game. Awesome indeed. Pictures and stories and the likes after the jump.

I keep coming back to my photos from Java, not because I particularly like them over any of my other stuff, but that the diverse nature of the photos meant that I can try some new techniques in post production , which I can then use later on in newer shots. I focused on black and white, and making a relavitely mundane shot of a waterfall not too far from one of our hotels, look a little more mystical. Hope it worked in your opinions…

This was shot on Mount Bromo; a collection of four volcanoes sitting atop a 10km diameter caldera. Our hotel for the night was sitting on the ridge of the caldera, so when we arrived after a lengthy taxi ride from Madikaripura waterfall we went for a quick poke about. After passing a seismology lab type thing we came across a group of about three locals, carrying produce on their back. This is one of the shots I took of them. The smoking volcano in the background can be visited, which we did the following morning after seeing the obligatory sunrise.

Another one of the locals, wielding a rather large cigarette.

Waterfall. not a very big one, but a waterfall none theless, we tries to reach it but ended up getting lost and having a friendly beekeper lead us down the correct path. Which didn’t end well.

We got lost again.